Communications committee

Danielle Konetski: Chemical and Biological Engineering department Liaison

Danielle Konetski

Danielle is a graduate student in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department.  She is a member of the Bowman Lab and her research interests are in synthetic biology relating to the development of lipid membranes for an artificial cell. Dani is very cheerful, loves socializing with others and doing outdoor activities. She is enthusiastic about sharing the fun of science with younger girls.


Allie Hunter: Advertising design and Chemistry & Biochemistry department liaison

Allie is a professional research assistant with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Currently, she is developing materials for a new general chemistry course for majors. Allie joined WiSE to contribute to creating a supportive environment on campus for women, and to help others obtain guidance through the coaching program. Follow her on Twitter at @AllieLHunter or email her at

Elizabeth Delesky: Engineering department liaison


Elizabeth is a Materials Science and Engineering PhD candidate and is passionate about the involvement of women in science and engineering. Email her at

Hayley Osman: Physics department liaison

Hayley OsmanHayley is a graduate student in the Materials Science and Engineering program at CU. She graduated in 2015 from Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics. She now works in the Physics Department with the Smalyukh Research Group investigating photo tunable properties of liquid crystal materials. Hayley is passionate about developing a community of supportive women in science on campus and inspiring young girls to be curious and adventurous in all aspects of life.  Email Hayley at


Cailey Condit: Geological Sciences department liaison

Condit_MadisonRange (1)Cailey is a PhD candidate in the Geological Sciences Department. Before moving to Boulder, she spent the first 22 years of her life on the east coast in both Massachusetts and Vermont, where she graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in Geology. Her research interests center around understanding tectonic processes through the rock record, and integrating geologic observations from physical rock samples with geophysical remote sensing. She is passionate about women in science, trail running, and science communication. You can contact her at


Thanks Roni Dengler for creating the original WiSE website! Roni Dengler is a PhD. candidate in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.



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