Coaching program committee

Julienne Ng, PhD: Director of the Coaching Program

imageJulienne is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Her research focuses on investigating why there is an incredible diversity of signals that animals and plants use for communication. Julienne is excited to be a part of the WiSE coaching committee to help provide the support many graduate students need at this time of their career. Check out her research, teaching and outreach activities at and contact her at

 Mecayla Cobb, AIA,LEED AP: Industry Adviser

Mecayla Cobb smecaylaerves as the Industry Adviser for the WiSE Group. In her role, she assists with the Coaching Program, connecting professionals and various industries to serve as mentors. She also advises the Leadership Committee throughout the year. Mecayla is a licensed architect at Hord Coplan Macht in Denver where she focuses on the design of higher educational facilities.  She proudly volunteers her time with WiSE for three main reasons, she loves 1) working directly with students, 2) elevating women professionals in areas where they are often underrepresented, and 3) providing a platform of support in the process. Click here to access her LinkedIn profile.

Mansi Arora, Ph.D.

I am a postdoc in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at CU-Boulder since Sep 2014 where I am trying to understand the basic biology of cancer cells. As a graduate student, I did not have any mentors other than my thesis advisor. Being a part of the coaching program as a “mentee” in fall 2015, I have realized how valuable it can be for graduate students to have a mentor other than their advisor who can guide them not only in their research work but also in other aspects which are equally important in these times. Having availed the benefits of this coaching program, I would like to actively be involved in making sure that other students (and postdocs) can benefit from this wonderful opportunity to learn and network. Contact Mansi at

Katelyn Long

I am a Chemistry Ph.D. student in Dr. Chris Bowman’s lab and my research centers around synthesizing new monomers for dental materials. I joined WiSE to help create an environment where women can connect with other professionals in STEM fields, and where women have the tools they need to pursue their education to the fullest. Check out Katelyn’s research at

Allie Hunter

Allie is a professional research assistant with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Currently, she is developing materials for a new general chemistry course for majors. Allie joined WiSE to contribute to creating a supportive environment on campus for women, and to help others obtain guidance through the coaching program. Follow her on Twitter at @AllieLHunter or email her at

Yogitha Mahadasu




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