Who We Are

WiSE Leadership team

Our Leadership Team is responsible for creating, organizing and implementing WiSE group activities. We are assembled into several committees to efficiently coordinate all aspects of the WiSE group’s functions.

  • Our group was founded in the fall of 2014 by Anna Corts and Katia Tarasava.
  • The WiSE group Leadership Team is spear-headed by the President and Vice President who are assisted by the President’s Assistant and the Secretary.
  • Dr. Kristi Anseth and Mecayla Cobb are our Faculty and Professional Advisers.
  • The Coaching Committee coordinates and manages our unique University-wide coaching and mentoring program that pairs STEM graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with mentors in industry, academia, and non-profits.
  •  The Grant Committee writes collaborative grants to institutional and national grant agencies to support the WiSE group’s outreach and educational activities.
  • The Community Outreach Committee strives to connect students and faculty at University of Colorado to the Boulder community through interactive science outreach activities and events.
  • The Communications Committee shares information about diversity and inclusion issues, current research and news through the WiSE group’s social media accounts (@WiSE_CU and the CU WiSE Group page on facebook) and blogs/websites. We also create and distribute advertisements for our activities.


If you want to get involved by joining the WiSE Leadership Team, please contact Sarah at Sarah.Crump@colorado.edu

Join our email list to receive updates about events and opportunities here: https://lists.colorado.edu/sympa/subscribe/wisegroup



One thought on “Who We Are

  1. Awesome team!!! Thanks Roni for creating this site and thanks everyone for the work you do to help the Women in Science Group to advance and to support women in STEM!


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