“My experience with the WiSE Mentoring Program has been wonderful. It connected me with a kind, knowledgable mentor who is able to guide me in my post-PhD future, and it helped me expand my professional network. I’m so glad that this program is here for us since there isn’t a lot of support in this area otherwise.” -Leah H.

“I got a lot out of having a mentor. On the practical side, it was really helpful to have someone to talk about resumes and interviews, and how she approached the hiring process. Plus, my mentor was very helpful with advice for getting through school and managing the challenges of the engineering life. It was a great experience, and one I would definitely recommend.” -Sarah W.

“Sometimes the academic advisors don’t have experience with the advancing non-academic world, such web resources and communication platforms, or time to focus on professional development. The WiSE mentor program gives me a place to focus on my career as a woman in science and ask questions about professional etiquette, effective communication, and gender bias.” -Deidre J.

“I was at first unsure who I’d be paired with and nervous about committing to someone I didn’t even know. Upon being paired up with my mentor, even though we were from different disciplines and walks of life (she was a very successful person in industry and I still a student with very little work experience), we instantly connected. We shared many similar values and continued to happily meet up on a monthly basis to talk about life, work, and the pursuit of happiness. She has given me wonderful advice, and I can confidently say that I was able to achieve my internship through her help and encouragement. I hope to keep in contact with her for many more months to come and learn so much more from her great wealth of wisdom.” -Anonymous

“I loved having a WiSE mentor! It was great to have someone to talk to about school and work outside of an official capacity. She really helped me prioritize and set realistic goals, and she had great advice about what I should expect from grad school, research opportunities, and the overall STEM experience. I’m very glad I participated in the program.” -Anonymous

“The WiSE Mentoring Program is a wonderful program that provides immense support for STEM students. Mentors are able to help with professional development in so many different ways — presentations, interviewing, resumes, personal branding, networking, etc. Plus they are wonderful people to have in your life as friends.” -Anonymous

“As a mentor, I have found the Women in Science and Engineering Mentoring Program to be both a fulfilling experience and one that adds value to my career. Mentoring engineering students provides me with insight into the particulars new graduates are looking for in their careers and helps me better understand what to provide and look for when hiring.” -Anonymous