2016 SciComm Symposium

We hosted the first annual Science Communication Symposium on April 21, 2016 at the SEEC auditorium, CU-Boulder.

This short video made by the Hugo Cordova and the CU Graduate School provides a great summary of the symposium!


Tess Eidem introduces the 2016 Science Communication Symposium

The symposium was attended by CU faculty, staff and students. The audience learned tips and tricks for building skills in science communication through fun activities (have you ever tried to describe your research using words that only have four letters?).

Students gave short presentations about their research to a broad audience. We heard some great stories about research on Down Syndrome, detecting air pollution, clinical studies and statistics, and more.


Invited faculty speaker Mike Klymkowsky discussed how to communicate effectively in STEM and gave some great advice on how to get your point across in academic settings.

MCDB Professor Mike Klymkowsky speaks about science communication

Our keynote speaker Abby Watrous spoke about her education and career, and gave a great overview of fellowship opportunities available to STEM graduate students and postdocs in science policy.

Abby Watrous shares advice and tips for sharing science with non-scientists


The event concluded with time for networking, fostering interactions between researchers in very different STEM fields.