New on the Lab and Field Blog

Check out the latest lab and field blog post by Sarah McAnulty, a doctoral candidate in the Nyholm lab in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Connecticut.

Sarah studies the symbiotic relationship between the Hawaiian Bobtail squid and the glowing bacterium Vibrio fischeri. She analyzes the immune cells of the squid to figure out how these bacteria are tolerated.

Read her blog post “Judging a bacterium by its cover: immune cell-symbiont communication in the Hawaiian Bobtail squid/Vibrio fischeri symbiosis” by clicking here.

Follow Sarah on twitter @SarahMackAttack to learn more about her work.


New on the lab and field blog: “Come out, come out, wherever you are: searching for rare frogs in a population devastated by an emerging infectious disease”

Graziella DiRenzo, PhD, is a post-doctoral research associate in Dr. Elise Zipkin’s lab in the Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University.

She studies populations of frogs in Panama that are affected by a devastating fungal pathogen that’s contributing to world-wide amphibian declines. We’re grateful that Dr. DiRenzo contributed an article about her work to the lab and field blog this month!

Read the post by clicking here.


Congrats to WiSE leadership team member Danielle Konetski!

WiSE Leadership team member Danielle Konetski recently published her research in Langmuir, an American Chemical Society journal. She is working on generating new ways to create synthetic vesicles which can be used for drug delivery, cosmetics and creating artificial cells.


Check out her work on photoinduced vesicle formation through an azide-alkyne cycloaddition (copper-catalyzed click chemistry) reaction by clicking here. Congratulations Danielle!



WiSE leaders honored for their efforts at the Women Who Make a Difference Awards

Congratulations to Katia Tarasava and Tess Eidem for being nominated this year as Women Who Make a Difference in our CU community! Both were nominated in part because of their work with WiSE.

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Read more about this award here at the CU Boulder Women’s Resource Center website: