Leadership Team

Hale_WiSE.jpgPresident: Kate Hale

Kate is a current master’s student and future PhD student in the Geography Department. She studies snow hydrology with Dr. Noah Molotch in the Mountain Hydrology Lab group. She is originally from the Midwest and a zealous outdoor adventurer. Fortunately, snow and the mountains get her outside for both research and play.
She is currently involved in the CU Geography Department, INSTAAR, Critical Zone Observatory Graduate Research Group and NASA SnowEx communities. She believes WiSE has the power to continue creating a change toward equality, outstanding recognition and beyond.

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Vice President: Katelyn Long

Katelyn is a Chemistry Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Chris Bowman’s lab and her research centers around synthesizing new monomers for dental materials. She joined WiSE to help create an environment where women can connect with other professionals in STEM fields, and where women have the tools they need to pursue their education to the fullest.



Treasurer: Adrienne Blevins

Adrienne is a third year PhD student in the Materials Science program doing research in the Mechanical Engineering department. Her research interests are photopolymerization and soft material fracture. She also has a passion for STEM education outreach. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Delaware, and is originally from Sacramento, CA. In her free time she enjoys hiking, skiing, playing volleyball, and cooking.



Communications Manager: Julia Bakker-Arkema

Julia works for CIRES, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at CU Boulder, where she is a PhD student in atmospheric chemistry. She studies the chemistry that leads to the formation of organic aerosols in the atmosphere, a process that has both environmental and human health implications. She is interested in communicating science through a variety of formats beyond scientific journal articles, including social media and creative science writing. She is also passionate about increasing the visibility of women in STEM fields.


ElizabethDelesky.jpgGrant Committee Lead: Elizabeth Delesky

Elizabeth is a Materials Science and Engineering PhD candidate and is passionate about the involvement of underrepresented minorities in science and engineering.





Outreach Coordinator: Hayley Sohn

Hayley is a graduate student in the Materials Science and Engineering program at CU. She graduated in 2015 from Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics. She now works in the Physics Department with the Smalyukh Research Group investigating photo tunable properties of liquid crystal materials. Hayley is passionate about developing a community of supportive women in science on campus and inspiring young girls to be curious and adventurous in all aspects of life.