Faculty and Professional Advisers

Dr. Kristi Anseth, Faculty Adviser

Prof. Kristi Anseth works in her lab at the School of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder (Photo by Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado)

Distinguished Professor Dr. Anseth is now serving as our University of Colorado, Boulder Faculty Adviser! The Anseth lab is part of the Chemical and Biological Engineering department at the BioFrontiers Institute in Boulder. Take a look at the Anseth lab’s research here, and follow @AnsethGroup on twitter!


mecaylaMecayla Cobb, Industry Adviser

Mecayla Cobb serves as the Industry Adviser for the WiSE Group. In her role, she assists with the Coaching Program, connecting professionals and various industries to serve as mentors. She also advises the Leadership Committee throughout the year. Mecayla is a licensed architect at Hord Coplan Macht in Denver where she focuses on the design of higher educational facilities.  She proudly volunteers her time with WiSE for three main reasons, she loves 1) working directly with students, 2) elevating women professionals in areas where they are often underrepresented, and 3) providing a platform of support in the process.