WiSE-hosted events are indicated with an asterisk. Please expand individual events for location, RSVP, or website information. Subscribe to the WiSE google calendar by clicking the “+Google Calendar” button in the bottom right hand corner.



General Event Information


Each month we hold a series of events, including seminars, workshops and networking activities to support and engage graduate students, undergraduates and post-docs in career development activities. We also seek to promote awareness of inclusion and diversity issues in STEM fields. Take a look at our twitter and facebook pages or look for fliers hanging up around campus to find out when and where our events are happening!

Seminars and panel discussions

Dr Leinwand SeminarThrough seminars and panel discussions, we strive to disseminate information about biases and diversity issues in STEM fields and provide career development resources. Our invited speakers are professionals in STEM fields and/or experts in gender and diversity issues. Previous seminars and panel discussions have focused on biases and inclusion in STEM education, how to be successful in academia in male-dominated fields, successfully navigating graduate school and how women’s sense of belonging in STEM fields relates to the STEM gender gap.

WorkshopsPublic Speaking Workshop

Our workshops are interactive events where participants learn key skills and practical techniques to be successful in STEM fields. Every year we hold workshops on different topics including confidence building, how to network effectively, and how to excel at public speaking.


We host monthly “happy hour” events where WiSE members can meet at a social venue in a relaxed setting. Because our group is interdisciplinary, with WiSE members representing engineering, chemical and biological sciences, computer science, mathematics, and more STEM disciplines, these events are great opportunities to start collaborations and meet new people outside your field. We also support graduate student and postdoc career development and networking opportunities through our unique coaching/mentoring program.



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