Annual SciComm Symposium

Each year, WiSE organizes and hosts a Science Communication Symposium during the Spring semester.

The purpose of the WiSE SciComm Symposium is to expose WiSE members and the CU research community to useful methods for communicating scientific achievements and ideas with the broader public. Effective communication of STEM-related research is essential to scientific development; however, formal opportunities to learn and practice these skills are rare. The goals of the SciComm Symposium are to:

  • Showcase CU Boulder research, especially by women scientists, in a TED-talk style format
  • Provide interactive workshops to teach attendees how to distill their scientific message in a variety of media
  • Facilitate networking and build community at CU and beyond through a social hour with speakers and panelists
  • Inspire participants with a Keynote Speaker experienced in science communication.